External Wall Insulation

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Unlike unfilled cavity wall homes which lose approximately 35% of heat through their walls, solid wall homes will lose as much as 45% space heat though untreated walls. Any measures to make heating systems more efficient are made less effective as heat escapes thought the external walls. External Wall Insulation Systems are suitable for both traditional and non-traditional solid wall housing and can significantly reduce heat-loss, leading to lower fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Diagram of heat loss through walls

As well as improving thermal efficiency, EWI systems simultaneously revitalize the appearance of a property thus making it more valuable all-round. Lower U Values through insulating externally and no internal living space is lost. The risk of condensation withing the wall structure and thermal bridging is eliminated. A Weather-Proof, attractive and durable maintenance-free exterior is provided as part of the thermal cladding of the building.

A Closer Look At EWI Systems

External Wall Insulation Monocouche & Acrylic RenderExternal Wall Insulation System with Brick Slip Cladding