Flexible Acrylic Render

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Pre-mixed, flexible, anti-crack finishes in a wide range of colours and textures.

Acrylic   Thin-Coat Render

The unrivalled versatility silicone and acrylic anti-crack renders allows for wide specification with confidence to transform virtually any substrate, giving dull and tired looking structures a new lease of life. The flexible anti-crack formulation and ultra-violet resistant pigments of a silicone or acrylic render allow for large areas to be seamlessly rendered with perfect colour consistency.

With the vast choice of colours and textures offered within the range, it is now possible to widen the scope and unleash the creative flair when designing prestigious buildings that require a more modern rendered finish.

In addition to being an excellent finishing coat for external wall insulation systems, silicone and acrylic renders are suitable for application onto thin coat or thick coat render-only systems, encompassing virtually any substrate. This is ideal for older structures requiring refurbishment. 


Refurbishment of Existing Buildings

Traditional sand/cement renders are prone to cracking (see 'Why Does My House Crack?).  Whilst plastic deformation fractures may be unsightly, these don't always necessarily culminate in outright failure and nor are they in themselves detrimental to the building's construction.  In many 'cost saving' cases, where it is not desired to completely remove the existing render, subject to preparation, it is possible to apply a flexible, weatherproof coating of silicone or acrylic render directly over the top of the existing render.